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Several of the coloring books as well as "Lessons from Hu'ul Ke:li" are no longer available in print. Although we do not have any hard cover books of "Lessons from Hu'ul Ke:li" available, we do offer an ePub version for sale and we have plenty of the freshly published "A Day With Hu'ul" available for purchase. Click on the images of the coloring books or storybooks you would like to purchase below. If interested in purchasing in quantities of 5+, please contact us for shipping and handling options.

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Home of the O'odham Word of the Day!

We have developed this webiste to provide our visitors with access to learning opportunities for O'odham language and culture. Visit our word of the Day section where we feature a video for the pronunciation of various O'odham words.

Below you will find Pronunciation videos for our published works: "My O'odham Coloring Book" & "A Day With Hu'ul". These titles can be purchased from our online bookstore.

This site is dedicated to cultural and language resources regarding the O'odham people of the Arizona/Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona, USA and northern Sonora, MEX. The O'odham people have been reffered to and are called by many names even amongst themselves. Other names we are identified with are O'odham, Tohono O'odham, Akimel O'odham, Ak-Chin O'odham, Auauthum, Papago, Pima, and the Desert People.

About the Site Authors

In our site you will find an abundance of O’odham knowledge. This knowledge has come from several sources: My husband, Husi, growing up on the Tohono O’odham Reservation, in addition we (Husi and Kerrie) have a combined total number of about 200 credit hours in Native American Studies from the University of Arizona, and also have acquired knowledge through extensive research using a multitude of sources including attending numerous courses, lectures, having access to books, the internet, and personal interviews.

We intend to keep up with the research, update when we have additional information, and even add additional links if there is something that you are interested in learning about. We hope to create a reliable hub for O’odham learning, O’odham language, our O’odham books, and O’odham Stuff. Take your time browsing the site, and enjoy.

Aside from working on the website, we have also published a number of O'odham culture storybooks and O'odham langauge coloring books. Visit our book section or our online Bookstore for details.