O'odham Himdag (Culture)

Ak-Chin Indian Community

The Ak-Chin Indian Community consists of about 21,824 acres and approximately 800 registered members. The population is considered to be a mixture of both Tohono O’odham and Akimel O’odham people.

The term Ak-Chin actually refers to the method of farming that the Oʼodham in this community practice. Traditionally, the Ak-Chin (Open Mouth) farmers planted their crops near the deltas of washes (arroyos) considered to be the "mouth of open water" to collect the water for farming. Although a small community, the Ak-Chin Indian community continue to practice farming on a commercial level and have a thriving gaming industry.

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Image below depicts placement and size of Ak-Chin Indian Commuunity in relation to the State of Arizona. The Tribal flag is at the top left: the tribal seal is on the top right.