O'odham Himdag (Culture)

Tonono Oʼodham Indian Nation

The Tohono O’odham Nation has 5 parcels of land: the “main” Tohono O’odham reservation, San Xavier District land, San Lucy District land, Florence Community, and the newly acquired Glendale parcel. The Tohono O’odham reservation is the second largest in the country and consists of 2.8 million acres. There is an estimated 28,000 registered members. The Tohono O'odham Indian Nation is comprised of 5 land parcels ranging from The Main Sells reservation, the San Xavier District near southrn Tucson, the San Lucy District near Gila Bend, the Florence land parcel near Eloy, Arizona and the recently acquired Glendale land parcel in the Northern Phoenix area.

Tohono means desert and Oʼodham means people. Once referred to as the Papago. The Spanish were introduced to the upper Pima during the harvest of a tepary bean called baw. The baw (or babaw = pural in O'odham) was considered an important component of the O'odham diet by the Spanish when in reality it was only a small percentage of the O'odham diet. But perceptions are a large component of a colonizing entities method for labeling a people and the O'odham were soon called Babawgitos (the bean eaters) and the mispronounced babaw eaters were then called the Papagos by the Spanish. The Tohono O'odham were allowed to legally change their name from Papago Indian Tribe of Arizona to Tohono O'odham Indian Nation during the Indian Reorganization act of of 1984 which allowed all tribes in the United States to legally change their name and constitution.

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Image below depicts placement and size of the Tohono O'odham Indian Nation in relation to the State of Arizona. The Tribal flag is at the top left: the tribal seal is on the top right.