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Please don't forget that this website runs on the sales of our books and donations for all of the time and work that is required to author the pages on this site. We are asking for donations, no matter how big or small. As we intend to keep researching and adding to the site we are anticipating some expenses such as gas money to the reservations for more research utilizing their records, to get new photos, do some interviews, as well as to keep abreast of what is currently going on in O’odham Country. We will also need funds for copying records and old photos, purchasing maps, and books on O’odham subjects.

Literally, hundreds of man (and woman) hours have been spent researching, formatting, typing, designing and preparing information on this site. Not to mention converting image/video/sound files, web hosting and website maintenance to provide you with O'odham language resources and new videos for the O'odham Word of the Day

We are also hoping to start several new book projects and would more than appreciate donations to help us offset the costs involved so that we may keep the prices down. In the future we hope to offer something for those who donate; please check back if now is not a good time for you to help. So, if you enjoy our site and have learned something from it, consider a donation.