O'odham Ñeok (Language)

O'odham Dictionaries

Below is an O'odham dictionary project undertaken by Medeline Mathiot, and it has been a lifelong project for her. She started collecting information on the language in Covered Wells on the Tohono O’odham Reservation, AZ in 1958-1960. In the early 1970’s A Dictionary of Papago Usage was published in two separate volumes: vol. I had letters B - L and vol. II had K – Y. The vowel letters A, E, I, O and U can be found at the back of Volume II.

There was an interest in putting the dictionary on-line and this project began in the early 2000's by Dr. Ophelia Zepeda and Dr. Michael Hammond at the University of Arizona. The project was put on hold and reinitiated by Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald and her students from the Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, and then the project was worked on later at University of Texas at Arlington. More recently her dictionary became available on-line in a downloadable PDF format. To search for specific words on the downloadable version try using the F1 Search function.

The Saxton-Saxton-Enos Tohono O’odham/Pima to English, English to Tohono O’odham/Pima Dictionary was researched from 1953-1973. The first edition was printed in 1969. This dictionary included the name “Papago” instead of Tohono O’odham, as that was the name the people who first had contact with the O’odham called them. In 1983 the dictionary was revised and expanded for a second edition, and the title was changed to reflect the traditional name of the people “Tohono O’odham.”

Dictionary Downloads:

    Tohono O'odham Dictionary Volume I - PDF File
    Tohono O'odham Dictionary Volume II - PDF File