O'odham Ñeok (Language)

O'odham Fonts

One of the many challenges of reading and writing the O'odham language is that there are several letters in the Alvarez-Hale orthography (alphabet) that do not appear in regular font sets. Several different font sets that use these special characters have been created. Below are a few links where you can get the specialized font sets and download them to your computer using Microsoft Word, Excel, Word Perfect, and other word processors.

List of Fonts:

    Arizona SLManuscriptL - Manuscript O'odham Font Script
    Arizona Manuscript SlDoulos L - Manuscript Italic O'odham Font Script
    Arizona Manuscript SlDoulos L - Manuscript Bold O'odham Font Script
    O'odham Times New Roman - Times New Roman O'odham Font Script


O'odhamstuff.com assumes no responsibility for the fonts made available on this site. We also do not assume liability for any issues or problems stemming from downloading or installing these fonts. The fonts were created by various entities and are therefore subject to copyright and property laws where applicaple. Please use responsibly.