O'odham Ñeok (Language)

O'odham Keyboards

Keyboard applications are a new alternative to using font sets on your computer. Both choices allow you to use O’odham-specific letters.

Keyboard Sets are downloadable applications that allow you to insert a unique character by opening up a virtual keyboard on your computer screen and inserting a “Unicode” symbol or letter. It is set up as an extension of your actual keyboard. Once installed, a keyboard icon will appear on the bottom right side of your computer screen. Once activated, the keyboard allows you to switch back and forth between your regular keyboard and the specific language keyboard.

Unlike font sets that can only be viewed on the computer they are installed on, keyboard sets are configured to have designated fonts that can be used with any computer programs, email carriers, web forms, Facebook, HTML web pages, etc. An additional benefit to using the keyboard versus the font set is that font sets allow you to insert only one letter at a time, whereas the keyboard application is on your keyboard and allows you to type fluidly.

Click on the appropriate Language Keyboard link below to download and install.

    Tohono O'odham Keyboard - Zip File
    Akimel O'odham Keyboard - Zip File


O'odhamstuff.com assumes no responsibility for the fonts/keyboards made available on this site. We also do not assume liability for any issues or problems stemming from downloading or installing these fonts/keyboards. The fonts/keyboards were created by various entities and are therefore subject to copyright and property laws where applicaple. Please use responsibly.