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Word Definition


woson = to sweep

wos = shortened version of to sweep

-kuḍ = suffix turning a verb into a tool or object specifically used for the actions associated with the verb

woskuḍ literally translates to = object used to sweep

English Approximation


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This is our O’odham word of the day section. In an attempt to increase and maintain the usage of our unique and beautiful language we have created this section. It is here that you will find a new O’odham word spoken, spelled out, English approximation provided, and find the word definition every day.

We are including links from this section where you can access past vocabulary words in case you miss a day or two and a link for you to be able to make suggestions on what words you would like us to include on the O’odham word of the Day section. We encourage you to read the information in the About the Language section of the site for it has important information about the Word of the Day.

The people in our O’odham Word of the Day videos are often times family members, co-workers, and random volunteers.

We try to choose our word of the day by themes, categories, and relevant events such as a holiday or beginning of a new month. Other times we choose them randomly based on what is happening around us (our grand-daughter was sick one day, so we did the O’odham word for sick), or if a request for a word comes in.

Our O’odham Word of the Day section will continue to grow and we will create what we believe to be the first on-line O’odham pronunciation/auditory dictionary. As we organize and create HTML pages for each video we record, we will announce when sections are complete and ready to view.

Categories of OWOTD

Below you will find the category breakdown for our O’odham words of the day videos. It takes a lot of time, programming, and formatting to create each individual video page. After the word of the day has spent its time in the limelight it has be recoded and redirected into a specific category page. Due to the time consuming nature of this, we ask that you be patient with the ongoing process of creating this categorical masterpiece. Check back on the categories often to find words you may have forgotten and want to refresh your memory or words you may have missed before coming on to our site.

  • Actions/Verbs
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Animals
  • Body Parts
  • Clothes
  • Colors
  • Desert Plants
  • Directional
  • Family/Kinship
  • Food
  • Holidays/Events
  • Household Objects
  • Miscellaneous
  • Months
  • Numbers
  • People
  • Places
  • Pronouns
  • Shapes
  • Short Phrases
  • Time
  • Tools
  • Weather

History of OWOTD

The O'odham Word of the Day was evolved from numerous requests by people wanting to hear O'odham words being pronounced from our "O'odham Mamastagï O'ohana" coloring book that was published over 4 years ago. Audio sound files were first created but many of the people who listened to the sound files felt that they needed to see the mouth and tongue movements of some of the O'odham words to approximate the correct pronunciation. Husi had to get over his O'odham modesty and allow himself to be video recorded.

At first, Husi recorded himself pronouncing many of the words for the OWOTD and placed on Facebook. But soon after, Husi forced his kids and granddaughter to pronounce many of the words in an effort to diverse the speakers of the language. Facebook was not a great format for the OWOTD as it was limited so they decided to design and develop a website. And as Husi and Kerrie Ann had alot of knowledge about O'odham himdag (culture) to share, they opted to create O'odhamstuff.com versus limiting themselves to just the O'odham Word of the Day.

Many of the Vidows from OWOTD have served as a chronicles of our children and family getting older. It's funny to see the hairstyles change and the kids getting older and bigger as they helped teach others O'oodham words. We look forward to also making new videos as requests and opportunity presents itself.